Mission Statement

Our focus is on water safety first and foremost, then teaching relaxed swimming skills, followed by proper swimming style and technique. Our time tested methodology has proven to advance children’s coordination, endurance, and precision with a gentle and energetic approach. We use a very fun loving, honest, and guiding technique—leaving a lasting impression. Whether you are a year old or a 101 years old, you will leave each lesson eager for the next one!


History of Program 

Swim Academy and its staff have enjoyed a reputation of excellence in teaching and coaching swimming throughout the Los Angeles area and its surrounding communities for over 10 years. Our focus is on water safety first and foremost, then teaching relaxed swimming style and technique. We use a very fun, loving, honest, and guiding approach to ensure the comfort of all of our clients. Swim Academy was founded by Laura Bradshaw. It started small, with one instructor going to private homes and teaching private swim lessons. Through word of mouth the program grew year after year. Currently our program consists of 4-12 instructors and our clientele reaches 250-300 children during the peak of the Summer season. Eileen Aghekian, the current director began working for Swim Academy in the summer of 2001. She was asked to take a leadership role in the company and joined Laura Bradshaw forming their business partnership less than a year later. With dedication and commitment to the growth and development of the program ownership of the business exchanged hands in 2003 when the founder retired leaving Eileen as the sole owner of the company. Eileen continues to dedicate herself to the progress, success, and advancement of Swim Academy. In 2014, due to the growth and expansion of the program, Eileen began a new partnership with Karin Jackson. Karin has been an employee of Swim Academy since 2009 and has impacted many aspects of the company. With this new partnership, Swim Academy strives to continue to bring quality instruction and coaching throughout Los Angeles and its surrounding communities for years to come!